tbh i wonder how many of y’all who talk about ~eyebrow game strong~ were the annoying ass brats who shat on brown + blacks girls for having thick eyebrows in middle school

or who specifically took a shit on latin@/afrolatin@ “chola” aesthetics in the 90s: incredibly strong eyebrows, gelled curls, hoop earrings, brown/bright red matte lips, long nails, & winged eyeliner.



OutKast - She Lives In My Lap

"She stays alone, never sheds a single tear. She stays in the coolest moods, clearly woman of the year. She & all her girlfriends, they go out dressed to win. She comes back to the cooler side of town, but she lives in my lap. She lives in my lap [5x], forever my fiance. She lives in my lap. Don’t leave, don’t stay. She lives in my lap. I’ll get the courage one day.."