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Anonymous asked: What's your honest opinion on azealia banks


(rape / csa mention warning)

Love her music, hate her tweets like the shit she’s said is despicable and disgusting tbh like… I don’t know who she wants on her side but I don’t see how anyone could be. As far as her label treating her like shit I feel so bad for her. As far as her not being on Lady Gaga’s terrible album I feel so bad because like Fernando texted me the other day, she had a literal child predator on her album (R. Kelly) but Azealia’s “attitude” was too much? Like, bitch…………….. Gaga is disgusting for that. Aaaaaand yeah. I really like her music, I think she’s seriously gorgeous like I really think she’s so beautiful and I’m glad her beauty and music are able to be featured but the shit she’s said about how no one should care about who uses the n-word, and her illogical diatribes about race and shit are the worst things I’ve ever read in my life. Her transphobic and transmisogynistic comments are deplorable, aaaaaand yeah. She’s super hot, so beautiful, makes great fun music, is talented imo, has a great look when she’s not wearing bindis, wish she didn’t have control of her own twitter ever.

I seriously think a lot could be different. But I like when she made fun of Miley Cyrus on twitter.  She’s very much a

situation for me, it’s sad

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